Ground Zero Festival 2014 - Dark Matter

Jelle de Melker | 30 augustus 2014

Line-up Ground Zero

Main Hardcore: Re-Style, Endymion, Neophyte, Miss K8, Wasted Mind, Amnesys, D-Passion, Promo, The Empire, Tommyknocker, Miss Hysteria, Unexist, Angerfist, DaY-már, Radium, Tieum, Amnesys, Lenny Dee, Ophidian, Tieum, MC Tha Watcher
Main Hardstyle:
Audiotricz, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Isaac, The Prophet, Brennan Heart, Mystery Guest, Deepack, Zany, Alpha², Rob Gee, The Anarchist, High Voltage, Pavo, MC Da Syndrome
Raw Hardstyle: Thyron, Outbreak, Donkey Rollers, High Voltage, Chain Reaction, The Machine, Phuture Noize, X-Pander, Moridin, Delete, The Geminizers, MC I See
Early Hardcore: The Viper, Promo, Buzz Fuzz, Dano, Gizmo, Predator, Rheeza, Tellurian, Jappo, Neophyte, PCP, MC The Ultimate MC, Lenny Dee, Radium, Shadowlands Terrorists, Laurent Hô, MC Syco
Industrial: Embrionyc, Miss Hysteria, Meander, N-Vitral, Hamunaptra, Lunatic, Synapse, Ophidian, The Outside Agency, Deathmachine, Igneon System, The DJ Producer
Freestyle: Ghost, The Viper, Deepack, Zany, Pavo, Playboyz, LNY TNZ, Freestyle Maniacs
Ruhr G Beat Events: Dexter, The Cyberdemon, Agressive, Epic Noise, Hellter Skellter, The Dark Project, Mental Penetration, System:Overload, Tieum, Andy The Core, s'Aphira, Psiko, Randy, Carles S, Bit Reactors, The Braindrillerz, MC Triggah

Het enigste nachtfestival van Nederland vindt voor de negende keer plaats. Ground Zero staat garant voor een unieke ervaring met wel liefst 6 stages!

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