Studio 80 sluit haar deuren

Lucas Boon | 30 november 2015

Studio 80, de club aan het Amsterdamse Rembrandtplein, sluit per januari 2016 haar deuren. 'This week, we received the news that our club has been sold to a new owner.'

Duncan Stutterheim, die Studio 80 in 2005 als 'platform voor opkomend talent' opzette, heeft de club verkocht aan de eigenaren van Disco Dolly (voorheen Dansen Bij Jansen) en de Bloemenbar.

Studio 80 stond (staat) bekend om haar vooruitstrevende programmering met overwegend underground acts, maar ook inmiddels meer gevestigde namen zoals Tom Trago en San Proper.

Op de Facebook-pagina van Studio 80 laat de club weten:  



It is with great sadness that we must announce that Studio 80 will close its doors in January. This week, we received the news that our club has been sold to a new owner. Therefore Studio 80 as you know it will cease to exist. It’s no secret that the news came as a sudden shock to us all, leaving our team behind devastated. Without a doubt, many of you will share the same feeling.

The impromptu choice to sell Studio 80 was a personal one by Duncan Stutterheim, who set up the foundation as a platform for upcoming talent back in 2005. After having dealt with a difficult period earlier this year, mainly due to selling his company ID&T to the now rapidly dwindling SFX conglomerate, Stutterheim’s passion for nightlife culture has been decreasing over the past few months - which led him to the difficult decision to sell the venue before the end of the year.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone we have worked with so closely over the past 10 years, our amazing staff, the artists who made the crowd dance every weekend, their booking agents, all the promotors and labels with whom we’ve collaborated on so many amazing nights.

As much as we are heartbroken about the situation, we are determined to make the last month nothing less than legendary, together with each and everyone of you. See you on the dance floor!

With love,



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