Socials Today: massaal eerbetoon voor overleden Avicii

Partyscene Redactie | 23 april 2018

Beeld: @Afrojack/Instagram

Collega's reageren met verdriet en respect op dood Zweedse dj

Voor velen kwam het vrijdagavond als een enorme klap: het veel te vroege overlijden van de Zweedse super-dj Avicii (28), bij zijn ouders en vrienden bekend als Tim Bergling. Het afgelopen weekend reageerden bijna alle collega's vol verbazing, verdriet en ook met respect en waardering. Een klein overzicht van het eerbetoon zie je hieronder...

Martin Garrix


A great guy, great friend and great inspiration. Out of respect please don’t make this just another dot on your timeline, remember what he did for you, what his music ment to you, and how his inspiration guided you. He is one of the nicest guys I ever met and he deserves more than just three letters and an emoji. Instead of liking this post or trying to comment instead write what he or his music ment to you and post something yourself. To me he inspired me to always do good, follow your passion, and live life my way, also he inspired my music a lot, melodies, chords, the song Freedom was basically me trying to emulate him being in the studio next to me, when he played it I was so happy, and ofcourse all the times in vegas and a lot of other times, future music fest, new zealand and more and more. Your music will live on forever and I’ll always live harder, be happier and chase further, thank you and I hope you’re in a better place now.

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You set the precedent for the rest of us producers/ opened doors and set the trends . A real groundbreaker and influencer to all your peers . You should have lived to be 150.. but your music is gonna live forever . I'm not just saying that.. but you are the only one to always make timeless songs. You were the gold standard . You made me want try and make dance music when i first heard "seek bromance" . And then u kept making feel like shit cause you kept gettin better and i couldn't even mix a snare right .. you were the best of this generation . A real superstar 🌟 I know you had your demons and maybe this wasn't the right place for you sometimes , but we need to protect true artists like you at all costs because there are not enough left and we are losing too many .. be good Tim

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Nicky Romero

Armin van Buuren


A State of Trance Sydney - A Sky Full Of Stars ✨💔

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Words can not describe how I feel right now..I am gonna miss you brother ❤️

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Rest in peace legend

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