Hello again my Dutch chums

redactie | 7 juli 2004

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before festival season is truly upon us, which is good news for everyone. In case you hadn’t heard already it’s Dance Valley’s 10th Anniversary this year and the whole thing is being billed as a ‘Decade of Dance’. I have been lucky enough to play at every DV so far and over the last ten years I have seen it grow and grow into, in my opinion, the best dance festival in the world. But why is that so? Is it the venue? Organisation? Luck? Well, all of these factors play a part, but as far as I can see it has a lot to do with the diversity of the music on offer.

The line–ups are always simply staggering, offering both quality and diversity and that has always been the case. But before this turns into an advert for DV10, my main point is that there is a hell of a lot of quality music about at the moment, whatever genre of music you are in to and we should make an effort to enjoy it all.

Dance Valley represents what the dance industry should be about – enjoying quality music and breaking down both musical and social boundaries. It is about experiencing new things, meeting new people and discovering new and exciting forms of music. So, next time you are at a festival why not try moving out of your favourite tent for a few hours and listen to DJs you wouldn’t normally listen to. You never know, you may even enjoy yourself that little bit more.

With DV10 only a month away I’d like to take this opportunity to launch a competition that we’ll be organising in conjunction with Partyscene in the run up to the event. We have 10 limited edition Dance Valley T-Shirts to give away to ten lucky winners. If you want to find out more simply visit the ‘Winnen Specials’ section of this site. Best of luck!

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