Tom Harding

redactie | 2 juni 2004

I have been told that I can write about whatever I want in the dance scene, be it issues or stories from Holland, the UK or wherever in the world so as you can guess I am over the moon! I finally get to have my say on a website which is a real change for me as normally I am used to reading things about myself. Sometime they are nice, sometime they are nasty and I have even had to tell the police about some of them! And no, I am not joking, but it does lead me on to the point of my first ‘rant’.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the web is fantastic and is a great chance to find information, meet people and express opinions. But all I would say is if you are in a chatroom for example, only say things that you would be willing to say to that person’s face. Let’s face it, we have all slagged off DJs, especially on the net, and I am sure Tiesto has got quite used to being called a w@@ker for example. But do you really think that? Have you ever actually even met the bloke? Nope, you just don’t like his DJing so stop with all the personal comments. I have been called all names under the sun, I have read I was in rehab for drugs, that someone wanted to kill my girlfriend and even that I was dead. All amusing in hindsight, but not so funny if you are just a normal bloke, or woman, playing records you love yet find yourself reading all this crap about you and it intruding in to you and your families lives.

But rant over, let’s have fun on the web and fun with this column and I will see you next week. And by the way, I think Carl Cox is a complete …….

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