De 10 geboden van Mason

frank | 22 mei 2013

De 10 geboden van Mason dus opgelet DJ's!

1. Louder volume doesn't mean a better dance floor.
2. Harder/tougher music doesn't mean a better dance floor.
3. Easy on drinks or whatever else is your high of choice before / during your set. You're there to do an as good as possible job. If you're too drunk after your set that's fine, just don't get tempted to play on that after party but enjoy yourself.
4. Don't play low kbps mp3s, don't play radio, youtube or soundlcoud rips. Just don't
5. The minute an uninvited Djembee player starts jamming over your whole set, knock him unconscious.
6. If you play from laptop or USB, bring a backup USB or CD in case you have a technical nightmare. It will be the difference between playing and going home in tears.
7. Playing all the famous big records will not make you stand out, and people will forget about your set the next day. Be original and make people dance to weirder & fresher bits of your musical repertoire.
8. If the meters are in red all the time it means digital distortion with modern day mixers. That's NOT the same as that awesome distortion you get from a guitar pre-amp, but a really ugly digital glittery sound that doesn't improve your music. Also offending the sound engineer is a bad idea, he can make your set (and thus your life) a nightmare.
9. If there's money involved, make sure you take care of all that stuff before you play. Chasing a promoter who's on chrystal meth with some bimbo in some flat for your fee afterwards will be a one time experience that you'll learn from.
10. And most important: if you loose the girls on a dance floor, you'll loose the guys on a dance floor very soon too.

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