Partyscene interview: W&W

Partyscene Redactie | 30 oktober 2012

Partyscene had in samenwerking met de Facebook W&W fanclub (#WandWTeam) de mogelijkheid deze heren tijdens ADE te interviewen. Met vragen, ingezonden door de fans van W&W, hebben we hier de antwoorden voor jullie op een rijtje gezet.

# 1:
Do you notice that you are missing out on things, being this popular on this very young age ?

Sometimes we feel a bit of a distance when we're hanging out with like friends of friends. We live such a different life that sometimes it's hard to just have a normal conversation with somebody. But all the experiences we are getting right now are so valuable, we wouldn't want to miss that for the world!

Armin has supported you a lot, by playing tracks from you in his radioshows and sets.
How much does that mean to you? And do you think you would have made it this far, without Armin's support?
Armin's support means a lot to us! We wouldn't be where we are now if it wasn't for him. He signed us to his label and supported us in everything we did and we're very grateful for that!

Do you think that through your recognizable production sound, you are very bound and limited while playing a DJ set??

Not at all! Even though we have very recognizable productions, our sound is still very broad. And you can hear that at our gigs, we play very dynamic sets with very much different styles all blended together.

With your track 3 O Clock, you showed us a different side of W&W. What was the reason to make this track in a whole different style?

We wanted to do some more ''listenable'' tracks on the album as well, besides our regular bangers. After we finished it we felt like there was missing something, so we sent it to Ana and she wrote the 3 O Clock lyrics. We were immediately blown away!

Being as young as you are, and already playing at the biggest festivals in the world, doesn't it feel like you are living in a dream ?

We've always dreamt of doing what we do right now, and if you would have asked us 4 years ago if we ever thought we would be where we are right now the answer would be no. So yes, it definitely feels like we are living in a dream! Sometimes you ''wake up'' from that dream though, when you haven't slept in days, just sat on a plane for 14 hours and you're about to board the next 10 hour flight.

Is there a reason Ward usually wears black shirts and Willem white ? Or did you never noticed this yourself?

Haha, yeah we do notice! The initial reason was the height-difference; Ward wearing black and Willem wearing white kind of compensates that. Now it's just a habit. And sometimes we actually both wear white or black.

Who of you guys gets the most attention of the female fans ?


What is your favorite country to visit.

That is a hard question to answer, cause we love every country! Sometimes when we come back from the USA we feel like the USA is our favorite place, but then after we've been to Russia, Argentina, Australia, Singapore or wherever, we feel exactly the same!!

What is the weirdest job you ever did, before becoming a DJ ?

Willem: I never had a job before the job I'm doing right now. I was always very busy with school!
Ward: I did quite a few jobs in summer and on saturdays during school. I worked at the grocery store, in a warehouse, at a snack bar and I even picked strawberries when I was 14.

What is the craziest thing a fan ever asked you or wanted from you?

People have asked us to sign some crazy stuff over the years! Passports, iPhones, underwear, foreheads and even a car.

What is the most unusual/weird way fans made a W-sign for you ?

A few weeks ago we got this chain which said ''W&W'' and ''Invasion'', and there was a dead spider melted in glass on the chain as well.. That was pretty weird!

Which artist do you admire, or even see as your example?

Of course Armin. He's definitely an inspiration to us! The things that he has achieved, also with his radioshow is just incredible.

What would you do if you knew you had one day to live?

Throw a huge party to celebrate all the good times we've had! And of course play there!

What kind of types/styles of music do you like, in addition to Trance And EDM?

We listen to almost every kind of music. From rock to dub step and from classical to hiphop. As long as it's good music.

What does the DJ Mag Top 100 means for you guys?

It’s overwhelming to see how many people voted for us and support us. It feels great to see that all the hard work gets appreciated by people!! So thank you everybody from the bottoms of our hearts!!!

# 16:
Willem: How does it feel to have a famous dad, and did that help in any way to get where you are now?

It's weird that wherever I go with my dad, people recognize him! But I guess I got used to that over the years. Him and my mom have helped us a lot with building our studio!

What do you want to say to the W&W Fanclub and especially Lavinia who started this?

There's even a new hashtag now.. * Part of #WandWTeam *

Thank you all so much, you are the most dedicated fans imaginable and keep bringing the #WandWTeam flags out to the parties!!




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