De beste tips om tot rust te komen van ervaren DJ's 

Mark Hofman | 1 februari 2017

Ieder mens moet wel eens stoom afblazen en iedereen doet dit dan ook op zijn of haar manier. Dit geldt ook zeker voor dj's en producers waarbij de agenda het hele jaar door bomvol staat. Maar wat kun je nu het beste doen om tot rust te komen? Een aantal dj's geven je wat tips. 

Made Monster 

'The key we find to the rigors of the road and in the studio is balance.  The road is always hard and crazy. We end up eating way more junk food, bad airport meals, and of course the partying that can happen at our shows. So we make sure that when we aren’t on the road its the opposite.
I’m personally big on yoga to help ring my body out of all the crap I just put in it. I’m also a fan of taking daily vitamins when we aren’t on the road, especially NAC (it help protects the liver). I eat way healthier when I’m home as well. Lots of spinach is the way to go!'

Whitney Fierce 

'Wellness is especially difficult for a DJ on the road, with timezones and flights a plenty, it’s easy to lose track of yourself and taking care of the body you live in. Though it seems somewhat impossible, getting sleep is one of the most important parts of keeping oneself well, sometimes that means missing an afterparty […]
But, if you can’t stay rested, at least stay moisturized, from the inside and out. That means drinking tons of water, and moisturizing your face, with GOOD stuff. We’re not gonna be pretty forever, but at least we can try.'



'Being a person that has food allergies to be mindful of, traveling and staying healthy is extremely challenging. Sacrificing a meal to avoid illness is sometime a choice I have to make because getting sick on the road can make things spiral out of control quickly. Packing healthy snacks and OTC medications is a must when I travel. Other than that, staying rested is the number one priority for me because that’s the foundation of a healthy body and mind for performing.'

Laidback Luke 

'To overcome stress and pressure, one of my key things of survival is to picture my day or my weekend before it happens. And imagining the things and situations I could come across going into this tour and unraveling it. This way, when it really happens, you’ll be prepared for a lot of things and most of it you already ran through! This way you’ll never be overwhelmed by what’s about to come or happen.'

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