Socials Today: vrouwelijke dj in sexy lingerie en Martin Garrix in de studio

Bart Remmers | 21 november 2017

Wat we vandaag weer vonden op de Instagram-accounts van de ultieme supersterren...

Het is weer tijd om even je tenen te dippen in een bad van andermans luxe. We bieden je dikke auto's, champagne, rode lingerie en dito lopers...

Hoor wie zit daar in de studio? Juist! We zijn benieuwd naar de uitkomst.


Sorry for not being online a lot last few days/weeks this is where I’ve been hiding 🧞‍♂️

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Dit is dj Bianca Lee in een lingeriesetje. Hallo dj Bianca Lee in een lingeriesetje.


❣️#PANTYPARTY5 ❣️OK so let me begin by clarifying as I received a lot of questions/comments (mainly but not exclusively from my mom aka "is that a sexual orgy?" 🤣🙄) ... last night was a celebration of QUEENS @aka.hubby & @oneandonlyvava of @thestoreonqueen 💛👏💛. These #GIRLBOSSES throw an annual lingerie party to celebrate their birthdays and GIRLPOWER. The energy that filled the venue was indescribable and something I've never witnessed. Women of all shapes and sizes OWNED and SLAYED in their finest lady garments and I literally ONLY heard positive words all night 👯🖤👯. Also a very special night for me as I got to share the stage with the incredible @heylissamonet & @djstephhoney who KILLED IT 🎶. I remember seeing Lissa play for the first time when I was working a @gretaconstantine party and from that moment she inspired me to pursue DJing one day, so to say last night was an honour would be an understatement. Thank you, @luxelifesound ❤️. Finally, if there's one thing I can say I loved most about last night it was witnessing the realness of the saying "Real queens fix each other's crowns" 👑🙌👑 #GRATEFUL

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Lil' Kleine. Big' Auto.


Wat een tijd om te leven...

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Ra, ra... Waar op aarde is Nina Kraviz?


These juicy berries wouldn’t cure missing voice but it will definitely complete an amazing aftertaste of my wicked weekend in California. My health hasn’t been great lately but it didn’t stop me from enjoying Austin, LA and SF. Each show was very different but all were special and I am very greatful for your loving energy on the dance floor. On all nights I gave you all my energy but recieved even more in return. I fall in Love more and more with each visit to your beautiful land. Thank you for having me and for a such a rocking vibe at Public Works in San Francisco last Saturday ❤️ p.s. and now I am gonna eat all my strawberries while we are driving back to LA #california #nina kraviz #publicworks #overseastour

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Bromance. We like.


Dos gueros locos #wespacito

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Meld je aan voor de
en ontvang het laatste partynieuws