Beeldschone Zweedse naturiste plaatst wel erg weirde naaktfoto op Instagram

Partyscene Redactie | 30 december 2020


Maxinne Bjork emotioneel en smeert zichzelf in met menstuatiebloed

We zijn dol op gekkies, en een favoriet gekkie is toch wel de hoogblonde Zweedse naturiste Maxinne Bjork (niet de zangeres uit IJsland, FYI). Haar posts zijn vaak van het behoorlijk blote soort met zo nu en dan een extraatje.

Zo knalde malle Maxinne de afgelopen week een naakt zelfportretje online. Eentje met rode op bloed lijkende vegen op gezicht en lijfje. Is ze aangevallen, ongelukje gehad of Halloween?

In het gras rollen

Nee, onze stoute ongestelde Max kwam thuis, voelde zich wat emotioneel en besloot zichzelf in te smeren met haar bloedeigen menstruatiebloed. Het resultaat postte ze op Instagram. Ach, je moet toch wat met je vrije tijd? De vrouw bedacht even later om naakt in het gras te gaan rollen waarna ze moest huilen van verdriet EN blijdschap. Gut.

Is de Scandinavische dame een tikje labiel, lekker ondeugend of zo gek als een IKEA-deur? Om dat te bepalen nog enkele andere opmerkelijke pica's van de emotief drukke naturiste uit het Hoge Noorden.

De bloody post van de blonde chick.


Today after a very productive and super fun day, I just came home all emotional with lots on my minds that I just pushed a side cause I didn't have space to deal with it in the moment. I sat down and did some deep breathing, and all of a sudden felt a strong urge to cover myself in my life-giving fluids as a woman. So without really thinking of why or anything else, I just did. Smudged it out all over my body and then rolled around naked on the grass in my garden all covered in my menstrual blood. Smelled the earth and started crying intensely. Both from happiness and sadness. After some crying I started laughing instead. I’m so happy to have my mum in my life, we both help each other to get through some rollercoasters. The family situation we are in right now is just very draining. But thats life. And exactly how it is suppose to be in this moment. Accept and love ❤

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Leuk setje voor komende zomer, Maxinne!

Maxinne en haar donkerharige vriendinnetje. Precies ABBA!


There is moments and there is moments. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit to what you meet along the way in that exact time. There needs to be and opening and expansion in both ways, to meet in the right space and time. I’m still in the unknowing of a lot of things, but I know that this was exactly the right moment to go meet this person again, and having him being a part of my art project. In combination of my erotic short novel I got asked to write, I also got asked to be a part of an exclusive art exhibition, with a selection of artists in Sweden who got to express their view of feministic erotica. And since this man was a big inspiration for my short novel, it couldn’t feel more right to have him being a part of my art also. This is just a behind the scenes picture, but there is a lot of beauty on the way 😍♥️ Can’t wait to show you all 💕 FOR YOUR INFORMATION - Since instagrams rules of nudity, I couldn’t post the full picture, since we are undressed. But there is no sexual activity in this picture, just love and connection. The whole picture you can find in my blog 👉🏼 (link in bio😍)

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Zweedse fashion. Kittig hoor.


Don’t take life to seriously. Have fun. Play along and do what you enjoy the most. That is how you find happiness and joy. One of my biggest passions and amusements in life is sexual connections, with others and with myself. It always has been. Since I was a little kid I have had the biggest curiosity of all things around this topic. I want to try it all to see if it’s for me or not. Since I also have a big passion for dressing up role play is just a match made in heaven for me. I get to pimp myself in exciting creations while sharing love with someone in a very fun way. Life is just a game - with you setting most of the rules. So why not make it all to a big fun park - and enjoy the pleasure that was given to us. Maybe this isn’t for you. But how would you know if you didn’t try? Play your way though life, while not taking everything so seriously is the best advise I could give anyone. Yesterday I was Swedish Inga from the country side with a big box of pleasure tools, and my partner was master man Igor in town for business - and we had a hell ride together. Becoming a master of having fun is the greatest thing I have learned. You only life once, so better make the most out of it - in your favorite way ☀️🇸🇪 Lovely customized creation from talented @isabellacamachos

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Wanneer Maxinne niet paalzit, zit ze hek.


Make Earth Day Everyday 🌏🌱🙌🏼 @wholesomeculture

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Max geniet van het Zweedse landschap. Wij ook, meid!


Preferably I never wear shoes, but if I do I go to my dear friend @shoeline Preferably no bottoms either... hehe😍

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Kopvoddentax? Daar doet deze dame niet aan...

Nooit iemand met buikloop rimmen, Maxinne!

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