Bizarre fan theorie over The Chainsmokers

Ivo Mollemans | 4 oktober 2016

Afgelopen vrijdag kwam de nieuwste single van The Chainsmokers uit. De track heet ‘All We Know’ en is het overduidelijke vervolg op hun hit ‘Closer’. Op beide nummers is Drew Taggart te horen als vocalist, bijgestaan door een andere zanger of zangeres. De ritmes van de tracks zijn bijna identiek, maar dat maakt het er niet minder op.

LEES OOK: De nieuwe single van The Chainsmokers is uit

Fan theorie over The Chainsmokers

Volgens een fan op Reddit zijn eigenlijk alle nummers van The Chainsmokers vervolgen op elkaar. Gecombineerd vormen de teksten een verhaallijn van de relatie tussen een man en vrouw, althans dat is wat deze persoon zegt. Zijn hele theorie is hieronder te lezen en zeg nou zelf: hij is best geloofwaardig, toch?

Selfie: (Presumed guy and girl) take selfies before a party
Kanye: Drinking and feeling like the top of the world master of their lives
Let you go: The girl first rejects him as she’s single. The guy really likes her.
Good Intentions: Guy tries to prove himself that hes not just in it for a night.
Roses: Them falling for each other “say you’ll never let me go”
Waterbed: Twerking, dancing, sex etc All the fun stuff couples can do
New York City: The girl moving to New York city (back to this later) and is scared. Couple is doing a long distance relationship.
Until you were gone: Lament about them being apart and how they liked the times they had together.
Dont let me down: One of them is going through a tough time and needs the other. Asking to be there is common at a distance.
Inside out: Other is telling the first that he/she’ll be there for them no matter who they are inside or out 4 month hiatus no songs… presumably the couple broke up.
Closer: Guy goes to New York for an unrelated reason and sees the girl in a “hotel bar”. They hook up and realize they still have feelings for each other. (The 4 year gap could be an exaggeration of 4 moths above or each month could represent a year. Would make sense as most other songs of theirs are a month apart)
All We Know: Them realizing their relationship isn’t that stable but not giving up and saying screw it take a hit and ride with me.

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